Solomon Kane Review

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Hollywood Wanted, Reviews

Tagline: There are many paths to redemption, not all of them peaceful.
Director: Michael J. Bassett
Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

What this is about: Once a mercenary of Queen Elizabeth I fighting Spainards in Africa, He met the Devil’s Reaper and discovered he was bound for hell! Barely escaping he soon renounced violence to atone for his past sins, seeking out redemption in a life of peace. That is until the followers of priest turned sorcerer Malachi kidnap a Purtian girl Meredith Crowthorn and brutally slaughter her family before his very own eyes (including butchering her beloved younger brother Edward who Solomon had befriended)! Forcing Solomon to take up arms and return to his violent ways once more to rescue her! In doing so means returning to his birthplace and facing his older brother Marcus who (in his youth) he accidentally left disfigured (and for dead), who now serves as merciless enforcer to Malachi.

What I Say: Frankly saying I never liked UK movies except for the ones made by Guy Ritchie. For others, I believe they lack in a script which can never be without involving The London Bridge. The directors don’t know what they want to convey which can be understood only by the English, Irish and Scottish people. We’ve seen Percy Jackson and we have seen enough of Harry Potter. Okkk! “Goal!” was good. But the later two parts degraded gradually.

Now come to this. I didn’t know this was an English production. It had generated enough interest in me from the trailers. But as seen in trailers it’s not that fast paced. The movie is like progressive rock. It started slow and gradually picked up the speed. Although some elements of events in the script were missing, they were negligible. The whole movie is dark and shot in beautiful pastures of Czech Republic and UK. I just wish to live in those days after seeing the castles. Same occurred after seeing Harry Potter too. The action scenes aren’t dazzling as I was expecting but realistic. James Purefoy in the role of Solomon Kane did a pretty good job. He was the protagonist in the movie. None other were of mention. I’d have been more happier if he had more style and substance material to the character he portrayed.

See this movie with no expectations, and you will be surprised. Once you have seen The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, you have seen it all. It has scored pretty high among critics and decently received among we the spectators. If you have lost your faith in fantasy genre then this promises to restore that back. If weapons and wizardry get your blood up, and you prefer your movies dark and brooding and minus the sandals, Solomon Kane fits the bill. It may lack The Lord Of The Rings’ majesty, but the film bears enough individual traits and dynamism to overcome its numerous flaws.

My verdict?

2 for the filming locations, 2 for the action sequence and 2 for the script. Set in 1600s, this slash-n-gore flick deserves a 6/10.

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