Kites Movie Review

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Desi Beat, Reviews

Director: Anurag Basu
Producer: Rakesh Roshan
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kabir Bedi, Kangna Raunat

Plot: Dance Teacher Hrithik Roshan acts to be in love with Kangana Ranaut so he could use her wealth to live his life but his destiny turns his life upside down when he comes face to face with Kangana’s Brother (Nicholas Brown)Tony’s fiancée Barbara Mori. He realizes that Barbara is only marrying Tony for money just like him.. They both fell in love and the usual betrayal takes place in a typical bollywood style.. Kabir Bedi who happens to be Kangana’s Father and the owner of a prestigious Casino in Las Vegas who also is a Gangster does nothing and his Tony becomes mad after the ran-away couple that he just travels around the globe after them shooting around with his men..

What I say: When my friend said that we were going to see the movie today morning at around noon, I felt so disgruntled. It was Saturday and I didn’t want to leave my room at this lovely weather. Although I was quite reluctant about the X-Factor, still I was hoping that somehow I will be a bit satisfied with Anurag Basu who had given us Flicks like Gangster and Life in A Metro. I had been wronged before and today too I was wronged again.

First things first, you would have heard the phrase: ‘Only Style, No Substance’.. Kites changes that phrase into ‘Only Hrithik, Nothing Else’.. Shooting in Vegas didn’t add any spark to the movie. The whole movie is shot in Las Vegas, LA and New mexico. I have no clue if Anurag Basu knows abt US or been there. He made some basic mistakes thinking it was India was absolute bullish. Anurag, get these things straight- A)You can’t just shoot people in US and roam free and B) When a fugitive is on the run in a balloon, the police shoot the balloon, not cough in the smoke and wonder where he has gone.

The movie started well but, it failed to keep a fast paced momentum. But not Hrithik. Hrithik initially was not up to the mark but then as the film paced he got better and better. And he can dance too! And our so called “Hollywood actress” Barbara Mori did a good job. She’s beautiful, seductive, touching and natural. The chemistry between Hrithik and her was real good. It came as a natural to her after her rich experience in TV. The music was about average. But the background music was superb- a Spanish Theme.

But the action sequence- Oh my god!! I’d drop dead if u say it was any good, specially when show the cinematic in US backdrop. The chase scenes were far too cheesy. A half truck not being able to be chased by BMWs and Hummer was AAAAHHHH!!!!! YUCK!!!! The revenge scene at the end was like what-the-heck-happened-here.

One good and notable thing about this flick is the Spanish parts have subtitles and Barbara Mori speaks only Spanish, which is realistic. This was not like any other Indian melodrama hit where the English people speak Hindi like they are just out of the town.

My verdict? 1 for Seductress Barbara, 1 for background music, 1 for Hrithik and TWO for the Original Spanish part. 5/10

  1. Om says:

    Thanks Arvind, I truely agree with you.

  2. Your blog is breathtaking. Most of the things on your page are my consent concerning. thank you for sharing.

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