Ashes Cricket 2009

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Beaten Down Path, Reviews

Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Transmission Games

Afterall this is cricket. The game which is a religion in Asian subcontinent and popular in a fewer countries, has finally come out by Codemasters. Codemasters gave us cricket in Brian Lara Cricket 99 and then 2005. This time they decided to pop the game sooner than the previous. 4 years into the making and what do we get?

Any cricket lover would love this game. Gameplay is good. You can hit variety of strokes all around the field and they look spectacular too. Unlike Cricket series from EA Games, you can hit like 30 different strokes. Bowling variation is a notable thing here. After you learn how to bowl, you can’t leave without doing it! several types of bowling. And each player has different style of bowling specialties. The special deliveries are activated after a good run of deliveries and after a certain amount of bowling confidence is reached. Fielding style here is neat and unique. The throw is automatic although you can choose which end to throw. The speed and accuracy of throwing depends on your timing of throwing. And the best part? The Catch. Catches win matches. This statement is truely reflected here. You have to MANUALLY take the catches. A split second eye off the ball, n you are closer to not winning the match. The catching moment is eccentric and thrilling. Oh boy! And you want to savor that moment.

Let’s come to graphics. forgive me for telling WTF! what was Transmission Games doing in creating the graphics for the game? In today’s world of (sticking to sports genre only) NFL, NBA and FIFA graphics, Ashes 2009 is lame. Player’s faces are familiar to some extent. You can easily recognize Ponting or Warne. Faces are well built for the players from England and Austrailia. Others are just trash. Uurrggghh! Didn’t they learnt nothing by seeing other games? But, a neat and spectacular addition to this edition is the replay for every time you hit a six. That’s in a grassroot perspective ultramotion camera. Fabulous. Other replays are naaaahh! Stadium crowds are 2D. You won’t having any problems in accessing the full graphics. A low end card and a GB of RAM will do the trick.

Commentary is better than other cricket games, although somehow repetitive. Sounds are good. Still it lacks a lot. You can’t a hear the stadium chants during a game. People cheer to a bowler if he has bowled a few good deliveries.

Game’s AI is buggy. After a batsman defends a ball, other fielder stand dumb. If the ball is near the keeper, he waits for other players to pick it up. Addition of a tutorial campaign is good addition to learn the curves of the game. For achievements you can unlock a few things. But they are not as exciting as FIFA unlocks. You can’t play any other tournaments other than Ashes. Challenge series is also a good addition. Good plays and tough too.

It’s more fun as you can play multiplayer in a same PC. Just connect a gamepad and Bingo.

Despise all of its bugs, it’s an enjoyable game. While all the cricket fans will love it they’ll have to overlook its visuals and gameplay problems. The variety of single-player modes and accessibility of controls make Ashes 2009 an easy game for players with only a passing interest in sports games to pick up. It’s good for a hit around the park during the tea break, but this game won’t be replacing watching the real Aussies or English players take up the bat and ball anytime soon.

Verdict: 7/10

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