My Five Minute Something

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Diary at Dawn

I’m an MBA. A not(e)worthy accomplice. Oh, almost an MBA till the end of March. My college memories are so much groggy. But there are some experiences which are so much vivid to me that I can make a pulsar. There were times for which I wish to go back in time. Some to experience once  more, some to redo and some to recourse. Out of that goblet of gibber jabber, I put a dreadful droplet.

Once during our 1st trimester, our faculty of Organizational Behavior, showed us the above picture and asked us what we thought of that in five minutes. Five minutes… my eidetic five minutes. Many people told stories which started something  like, “once upon a time, there lived a king”. Some had no idea what they wanted to say and some went nihil. After some fruitful responses, ma’m stopped the proceedings. If not, some might have sung a lullaby! I would not have waited till. But I.. I saw the picture, thought for like 10 seconds and thoughts came flowing as fluid as F16’s aerodynamics. I wrote them on a piece of paper but before I could finish penning my chaotic cerebration, she rang the bell. Well, here’s what I thought at that time in that five minutes:

“I was raring to go outside. The very dusk was knocking. With the sky filled with darkness of earthly matters, there was no sign of celestial bodies. In the distant, there was a dark cloud lurking. Rain was yet to come, I thought to myself. It was a good thing that I had my umbrella. I should get going.  I was not willing to stay inside. Irony. Jumbled in my own thoughts, I set feet towards the dusty red road. The wind was blowing against me, against as my fate was. My misfortune had taken another leap. Today’s incident had shaken me. My heart ached. I felt numbness in my brain and eyes filling. I didn’t want them to succeed. But alas, I had no control upon them, not anymore. May be the dusts were causing it, I tried reasoning with myself. crying was not for me. Fools cry, children cry, cowards cry. I was not any of them. Not me. Not me. While I was roaring inside my cortex, the roar of the wind had numbed my silence. I found myself cold. Ah! ’twas raining. The dark cloud found its way to me. When the dewdrops hit my face, my eyes couldn’t wait. I opened the parasol over my head, tilting front my face. I could see half the view now. The pouring was getting harder. In a freezing breeze, my legs were trying to find the pieces of the road. I struggled to keep the umbrella together. But there was no point. I was drenched. My face was wet and was about to turn red just when I couldn’t feel a thing. Trying to be saved from rain perhaps. Because I was crying no more. At least none could feel.”

When ma’m inquired if there were any more to speak forward, I hesitated. I rooted to my seat. I felt coldness in my breath and rapid in my heart. What if she discovered a facade in my tone? What if others laughed? What if it was inappropriate or wrong interpretation? I chose to keep my thoughts to myself. Now after so many days, I wonder if I was right in doing so. But I’m willing to learn how others do it. That day could have been rewarding, maybe not. Ignorance is bliss…or is it??

  1. Manojit says:

    Good One Indeed… Keep it Up 🙂

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