Life As We Know It (2011)

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Hollywood Wanted, Reviews
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Tagline: A comedy about taking it one step at a time.
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Director: Greg Berlanti
Stars: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas
Trailer: Life As We Know It

What this is about: Two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident.

What I say: My time now a days are in absolute desolation. I don’t watch movies that regularly, although I collect each n every good looking ones. I’ve been very busy watching the episodes of Man vs Wild, Fringe and House. Even though the movie trailers seem interesting to me, I do not have the energy initially to go through the epistle of the whole hours. Last night I thought of this and was determined to watch something.

The reasons I chose this one is okeyish trailer and FHM #1 Katherine Heigl. The plot here is so common, as seemed from the trailers. But I thought I could use some laughs. The movie starts abruptly. Unusual scene to start really. Then there’re no twists in the story. Two non-coupling singles stay together to take care of their best friends’ baby- sounds Indian! There’s no twists and everything is so predictable in the plot development. Oh, not development because the plots perhaps took a scenic route to come up. A plain story. There were some nice shots for some laughs and giggles.

Josh Duhamel has done his as usual surprised-all time-face acting. He did the same thing in the fantastic series Las Vegas. That’s how he’s familiar to me. I don’t need to see how you transform your reactions. Now the lookety dookety doo Katherine. Splendid acting here. Her greyed anatomy knocked me up! Although she doesn’t like to keep tabs on her weight, still looks beautiful. The chemistry between her n Josh was very good. They both managed to handle the child well. Remember Josh Lucas- the guy who looks a bit like Matthew McConaughey? He’s a good doc and keeps his coolness. Apart from these three, rest of the cast are just worthless addition. I didn’t get why the other people kept popping up without any reason.

The soundtrack is very good. Even a newbie like me will enjoy if he’s into slow rhythms.

If you have got nothing else better or not in a mood to watch a grotesque click, you can take your off with this. Despite many flaws, the movie is still enjoyable and for the starters to this year, an average romcom. I’ll give it a 5/10 as I know it 😉

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