Geek Who?

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Diary at Dawn

Who’s a geek? My read-by-less-than-10-people blog’s even lesser no of readers must have got an idea how I start my topic. While the whole mankind is in a denial of getting pleasure in answering, I too cannot resist asking. SO here I am again.

Who’s a geek? If you don’t know, then read on. If you know, think again. Look around you. Is it the guy in the corner of the class? Is it the guy wearing minus 6 powered glasses? Is it the topper of the class or the performer of the zone? It’s NOT the guy whose motto is “work hard, party harder”. It may seem very much like him. But he’s not. He’s only part of heavy voice process.

In this sort of long term of life I have, I’ve taken a mental note of the geeks. They might have been defined as something but that’s very much limited and the person, who gave that definition, excluded himself from it. Geeks are not limited to single type. To geek is the one who claims he should be in any job irrespective of his core competency of education. He says the whole world is ahead/in front/ before/ ^%$#^% him and he’s going to win it. I wonder WTF. He has obviously everything to do with the world except being IN it! Furthermore I’d like to know the names of the leaders after Napoleon Bonaparte or Darius the Great who have actually WON the world. Such Soliloquy..!

He’s the one who tells me organic studies are far more important than mathematics or language or particle science. Geek is the one who’s blind to a pattern. He’s the one who pretends to be Alexander but never knows a how to look up the word “phonaestheme” in the dictionary. He thinks he can build a rocket after having a post-doctoral in micro biology or ancient history. He’s the one they portray on screen where the “hero” is a charming a$$#*^@! Geek is the one who’s unwilling of the top management, but wants to remain in the organization for 40 more years.

Geek is the boy who looks at a beautiful girl and tries to gauge how her marks in the class or targets achieved in her work. He collects her every figure and statistics except the vital, sees her next time and forgets to ogle. He is the one who calls up his boss at 2 o’clock in the morning asking for permission to take a leak. He’s an MBA in marketing, fails to answer the no of Ps or Cs or As but spits the name of every bone in human body including that of a giraffe, a grizzly bear and an ostrich.

Geek is one who thinks Windows NT is the ubercoolest of all the OS that exist in the world. He’s one who carries his silver black DVD wallet and his titanium tool box to everywhere he goes.

And to the share of the world, and dismay of many, geeks are all around.


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