My Ignoramus Driver

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Diary at Dawn

Happy New Year folks. We are at the cusp of a hopefully exciting future.

It’s been a long time since I took up the pen and scribbled something down for the love of god. Just kidding- the God has nothing to do with my wits and imagination. In fact it has a lot to do with my laziness to type on my sturdy Logitech keyboard. I think a lot about what I am about to do, then what I did, then what I thought of what I did recent, then if I was going to write, then what I was going to write, then how I was going to write, then SWOOSH!! All the thoughts sucked away to the black hole of my reluctance to think anymore. Whoops! That was a long line with possible grammar castrations, but I’m confident of it to be okay. I go out to get some packets of snacks with a non-alcoholic beverage. Yup- still drink like a fish.

Anyways, enough of the mumbojumbory. And yes, I might have invented a new word. He he. I don’t update my blog primarily because of the above non excusable reason. Also I have been writing more in the specific websites like, Tripadvisor for travel, Zomato for food and IMDB & Rottentomatoes for movies. So practically I am out of the ideas what to put up here. My monster of a PC is in a dreadful condition, hopelessly waiting for its graveyard. Mamma needn’t say no to games now! Apart from my (immense) wisdom in these spheres, all I have are rants from here and there.

And the last reason for me not to post anything is the arrogance of the ignorant. I get it most people don’t read my blog which is natural considering I am no Shakespeare or any other psychotic glorious basterd who I can think of at this moment. Some people read my blog, they may not like everything. That’s okay considering my inability to hypnotize them all in my favor via my writings. Then there are some who curse me in their sleep and walk around hating after waking up. They never breeze their bigoted eyes over any of my supposedly filthy words that are too detrimental for themselves. I am clueless about what they want to say as I (never) read anything they write. Call it my slothful attitude or ineptitude for a disgruntled fellow. Ooh.. So much negative energy. Bad for my chi, as my imaginary shifu said.

Anyways, as a part of my late New Year resolutions, I plan to write more and more here. Oh, that’s a problem seeing I rarely write anything at all. Aye, let’s just say I will WRITE/ rant, thanks to my supportive reader(s). If any consolation at all, I am not what I used to be. I started this to write the review of a beautiful movie named About Time. But meh! I am on the right track. I hope to go a long mile unless and of course there is no fog on track.

  1. ~PragyaN~ says:

    i will hit you and break your head, if you go away from your New Year Resolutions.
    waiting for the next!

    happy new year 🙂

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