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My Ignoramus Driver

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Diary at Dawn

Happy New Year folks. We are at the cusp of a hopefully exciting future.

It’s been a long time since I took up the pen and scribbled something down for the love of god. Just kidding- the God has nothing to do with my wits and imagination. In fact it has a lot to do with my laziness to type on my sturdy Logitech keyboard. I think a lot about what I am about to do, then what I did, then what I thought of what I did recent, then if I was going to write, then what I was going to write, then how I was going to write, then SWOOSH!! All the thoughts sucked away to the black hole of my reluctance to think anymore. Whoops! That was a long line with possible grammar castrations, but I’m confident of it to be okay. I go out to get some packets of snacks with a non-alcoholic beverage. Yup- still drink like a fish.

Anyways, enough of the mumbojumbory. And yes, I might have invented a new word. He he. I don’t update my blog primarily because of the above non excusable reason. Also I have been writing more in the specific websites like, Tripadvisor for travel, Zomato for food and IMDB & Rottentomatoes for movies. So practically I am out of the ideas what to put up here. My monster of a PC is in a dreadful condition, hopelessly waiting for its graveyard. Mamma needn’t say no to games now! Apart from my (immense) wisdom in these spheres, all I have are rants from here and there.

And the last reason for me not to post anything is the arrogance of the ignorant. I get it most people don’t read my blog which is natural considering I am no Shakespeare or any other psychotic glorious basterd who I can think of at this moment. Some people read my blog, they may not like everything. That’s okay considering my inability to hypnotize them all in my favor via my writings. Then there are some who curse me in their sleep and walk around hating after waking up. They never breeze their bigoted eyes over any of my supposedly filthy words that are too detrimental for themselves. I am clueless about what they want to say as I (never) read anything they write. Call it my slothful attitude or ineptitude for a disgruntled fellow. Ooh.. So much negative energy. Bad for my chi, as my imaginary shifu said.

Anyways, as a part of my late New Year resolutions, I plan to write more and more here. Oh, that’s a problem seeing I rarely write anything at all. Aye, let’s just say I will WRITE/ rant, thanks to my supportive reader(s). If any consolation at all, I am not what I used to be. I started this to write the review of a beautiful movie named About Time. But meh! I am on the right track. I hope to go a long mile unless and of course there is no fog on track.


Geek Who?

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Diary at Dawn

Who’s a geek? My read-by-less-than-10-people blog’s even lesser no of readers must have got an idea how I start my topic. While the whole mankind is in a denial of getting pleasure in answering, I too cannot resist asking. SO here I am again.

Who’s a geek? If you don’t know, then read on. If you know, think again. Look around you. Is it the guy in the corner of the class? Is it the guy wearing minus 6 powered glasses? Is it the topper of the class or the performer of the zone? It’s NOT the guy whose motto is “work hard, party harder”. It may seem very much like him. But he’s not. He’s only part of heavy voice process.

In this sort of long term of life I have, I’ve taken a mental note of the geeks. They might have been defined as something but that’s very much limited and the person, who gave that definition, excluded himself from it. Geeks are not limited to single type. To geek is the one who claims he should be in any job irrespective of his core competency of education. He says the whole world is ahead/in front/ before/ ^%$#^% him and he’s going to win it. I wonder WTF. He has obviously everything to do with the world except being IN it! Furthermore I’d like to know the names of the leaders after Napoleon Bonaparte or Darius the Great who have actually WON the world. Such Soliloquy..!

He’s the one who tells me organic studies are far more important than mathematics or language or particle science. Geek is the one who’s blind to a pattern. He’s the one who pretends to be Alexander but never knows a how to look up the word “phonaestheme” in the dictionary. He thinks he can build a rocket after having a post-doctoral in micro biology or ancient history. He’s the one they portray on screen where the “hero” is a charming a$$#*^@! Geek is the one who’s unwilling of the top management, but wants to remain in the organization for 40 more years.

Geek is the boy who looks at a beautiful girl and tries to gauge how her marks in the class or targets achieved in her work. He collects her every figure and statistics except the vital, sees her next time and forgets to ogle. He is the one who calls up his boss at 2 o’clock in the morning asking for permission to take a leak. He’s an MBA in marketing, fails to answer the no of Ps or Cs or As but spits the name of every bone in human body including that of a giraffe, a grizzly bear and an ostrich.

Geek is one who thinks Windows NT is the ubercoolest of all the OS that exist in the world. He’s one who carries his silver black DVD wallet and his titanium tool box to everywhere he goes.

And to the share of the world, and dismay of many, geeks are all around.

Rain Call

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Diary at Dawn

When he turned back from her that evening, it was raining. It had been going on since the dawn. He had a stubbornness in face, a race of thunder in his heart, a cloud of despair in his mind and an anticipation somewhere lurking deep inside that she would call him back; much like the rain. Any moment a call would come in the mobile. He stepped slowly towards the auto stand, although he acted busy in front of her… any moment now. His mobile would ring to a call from an unknown but familiar number. A voice would say him to go back once more the place where he left it…left her. Any moment could be that moment. It rained cat & dogs for the whole night and continued till the next three days, as before. The pouring was addictive, reason for elation and time for numb ambition. It will take time to live without. Hard to get back to the forlorn redundancy. But that could not bring back the rain. It did not.

Defining You

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Diary at Dawn

You… How do I define you? I have thought of this many times in many ways. I have a rationale of thinking things over and over. But my IQ failed always at a single point that I reach at a single inference no matter how and what. Every time, I realize that I cannot define you. The way you are, it’s simply out of my imagination. As I am writing this, I’m out of words for you. You have always been more than just a dream for me. A wish, a prayer, a fantasy, a desire.

You…When I saw you the first time, you looked different. I still remember when I called you the first time. The first time I heard you on phone, I swear it was the sweetest voice I ever heard. You jumped in your bed listening to me. You never expected this, eh! The 2nd time, you looked different too! The 3rd, the 4th, the 5th… How many times you looked familiar? You became like an old wine, better with time. Every time I met you, you looked better than before. That photo of yours in maroon, gosh you are gorgeous!

You…always been an inspiration for me. You changed my perspective, my vision, and my ambition.

* * * * *

Mu ducts are dried up. I can’t cry. No matter how hard I try to, all I get is a mere migraine. Then the frustration in me screams what in the world I have achieved. My agony shrieks high. The world has denied me the recognition. For a while you were the one who knew me. But now I am a stranger to you too. You accused me of being selfish and coward. I could not let you go. How could I? I waited very long to catch a glimpse. You will never know the dormant loneliness. And when I finally got you, I couldn’t simply miss you again, could I? At least I thought I got you. Now I don’t know what’s true and whom to believe.

I’m waiting for you in a city which has spread a graveyard for me. They say it’s not supposed to. Irony it is.

Someone saw my hands and said I’d not get the one I loved. I was skeptical. I laughed at his face and said that rubbish. I got my love and she was waiting for me. He drew a smirk on his face and put both my palms together and said to see for myself. My lines didn’t make shape of half a moon. I called him a fool who didn’t know what he was telling. Today I think how dead right he was.

It has been quite a journey for me to know you. What I knew went nihil. What I didn’t, blossomed up quietly somewhere. You had asked me many times to define you. All the time I was speechless. Now I am too. Only difference is, while with you, I was dazzled by my luck. But now, I’m puzzled by my destiny.

What I started writing with, was to put a light into the time, without you. But the serendipity I gained makes me unable. You might have been planning on this for a long time, but I never dreamt of its possibility. May be that is why it has been hard for me to write.. to think.. to live.. to die.

You were my sunshine, my only sunshine

You made me happy, when skies were gray

You’d never know dear, how much I loved you

Now you have taken my sunshine away.


Let’s call me a freak when it comes to food. Whenever I dine out, I try to savor the best of the place. So, I can claim that I’ve eaten and known what’s good in this part of the world.

Biryani is my first choice, if it comes to Indian/Mughal. I do not really need any side dish to go along; saves money, eh! I believe not everyone can prepare a biryani. It takes immense endurance, experience and expertise to make the dish as good as it can be. I’ve been to Kareem’s at New Delhi and Paradise at Hyd, reason being they are best at what they do. After tasting their biryani I’m certain that I’ll settle for no less. I’ve tasted various styles of preparations from Mumbai, Cuttack and Lucknow. After all the experiences for my favorite food, I’ve learnt and taken for granted that a biryani dish should accompany ‘kachumbar‘ (a spicy chopped salad made with onions, cucumbers and churned light curd). That’s what expect at least in Kolkata.

My friends cum accomplices here, constantly bugged me about how the biryani in Kolkata has an authenticity that’s originally prepared the way it is meant to be. They recommended me half a dozen places, which are perceived by them as a place whatever they mean by that. Each place I went following their recommendation, was  no less than an experience of numbness to me. I came back, raved and was told that the next place in my list was better. After trying out all the places, my last option was Arsalan.

Let me tell my folk readers, why I’m so cynical here in Kolkata. To me a biryani is good, if it’s accompanied by a curd side dish, the spices among the rice are indistinguishable to my eyes but to my taste buds.  The rice should be long and narrow with an aroma and properly cooked, the meat should be soft and delicious but prepared without an intention of making it an eye-gazer. Apart from these the biryani should contain nothing more. None, nihil, nada! In Kolkata, no matter what you order, you will get an boiled egg (what the @#$%^*) and a piece of half a ton potato meant for probable monsters. If I ask the server, where is the Kachumbar or raita, he would scratch his head and ask me numerous questions about what the hell was that about. The people surrounding eating look at my face as if I’ve escaped Uranus and demanding to see the 5th female president of India. After many many embarrassment episodes I refrained and controlled myself from asking such irrelevant questions. So I’m basically a heavy critic when it comes to my favorite dishes and a jacka$$. Got it now?

I had no intention of going to Arsalan which is miles away. After my previous dining combats, I was obviously skeptic. But that day I stumbled across the restaurant because I was in the area. I was famished and dived in. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that I in fact have arrived at the place they have been talking about- ARSALAN! I couldn’t care less for the absence of menu at my table, biryani it is.

The place was literally filled with hungry people. But my order was delivered fast. There were around ten attendants to service you. After 10 minutes of gestation period of my order, the chicken biryani arrived. I knew previously that it comes with a potato at least and without curd side dishes. I pretended to exclude those things from my desires. The rice was nice, warm and tasty. It heeded my taste buds for the recognizable absence of the cardamoms or almonds or mint leaves. Thank god it came without an egg! The whole plate had great smell and I had even a greater appetite. The chicken was cooked edged to a perfection and was thoroughly soft. The flavor of the chicken was…I can’t find a right word..just say wow.

After it was finished I felt like never before in Kolkata. I finally had a hearty meal after a long time. I’d like to recommend it to anyone who’s into biryani to take a spoon. If you ever been in Kolkata, Arsalan is definitely the best bet for your favorite mughal meal.

On holidays, the place is swarmed with foodies. One might have to wait in long queue to get in. Other days, it’s still crowded but less.

Although far from my place, I’ll be always hungry to experience once more at ARSALAN. Till then I’ve to develop my appetite for every otherthing there to go with biryani. 4 stars!!